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A modern C++ scope guard that is easy to use but hard to misuse.


A number of compile-time and run-time tests can be automatically run in multiple configurations.

There are a few dependencies to execute the tests:

Instructions for running the tests

(For GNU/Linux, should be analogous in other systems.)

  1. Install cmake
  2. Clone and build this repo:
     $ git clone <guard_src_dir>
     $ mkdir <guard_bin_dir>
     $ cd <guard_bin_dir>
     $ cmake <guard_src_dir>
     $ make
     $ make test

To speed things up, the last two commands can be given a number of threads to execute in parallel. For instance:

make -j4 # only 4 compilations needed
make test ARGS=-j16 # On an otherwise idle machine, I suggest 2x the
                    # number of HW threads (to compensate for I/O)

This will run catch and compile-time tests with different combinations of SG_REQUIRE_NOEXCEPT_IN_CPP17 and C++ standard, depending on compiler capabilities. If the compiler supports exception specifications as part of the type system (P0012R1), both C++11 and C++17 standards are tested (cases X, Y, W, and Z in the table below). Otherwise, only C++11 is tested (cases X and Y below). Notice that noexcept is only effectively required in case Z.

pp-define\standard c++11 c++17

Note: to obtain more output (e.g. because there was a failure), the command make test can be replaced with VERBOSE=1 make test_verbose. This shows the command lines used in compilation tests, as well as detailed test output.